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3450 Valve
Combination Boiler Feed & Backflow Valve
3450 Combi Valve combines a cartridge style backflow preventer with a pressure regulating cartridge style boiler feed valve into a unique one piece body configuration.

One Piece Body Construction
5120 Series
Lead-Free Mixing Valves
This versatile NSF 61, ASSE 1017 and ASSE 1070 mixing valve provides the ultimate performance for domestic hot water applications.
550 Series
Heat Motor Valves
With heavy-duty construction that enables these valves to operate up to 150 feet of pump head, they're ideal for high-head capacity applications such as high-rise residential and commercial buildings.
Differential Pressure Transmitter
Taco DPS sensors monitor the differential pressure in a hydronic HVAC system and relay pressure changes back to the building management system or VFD to modulate pump speed.
5120 Series
High-Flow Lead Free Mixing Valves
This versatile NSF 61 ASSE 1017 mixing valve provides the ultimate performance for heating or domestic hot water installations where the required flow rates are beyond the specifications of the standard 5120 or 5000 series mixing valves.
LTR Series
Low Water Cutoff
The LTR is a probe-style, one-piece, sealed design for use with residential hot water boilers.
Variable Speed Pump Mixing Control
Use to regulate the supply water temperature to a heating system by simultaneously controlling a boiler and the speed of an injection pump
Balancing Valves.
Taco Accu-Flo Balancing Valves are the highest quality fixed-port venturi balancing valve on the market today.
Differential Bypass Valve
Pressure and Mixing Valves
Accurate and dependable control of excess flow in zone valve systems that can be created when there is a reduction in the demand for heat.
Patented Technology
Designed to replace the two primary circuit tees used to connect a secondary piping circuit to a primary piping circuit in a hydronic system and reduce the number and cost of fittings and field joints required.
Protect against flooding and damage
The Water And Gas Safety Valve is designed to shut off the water supply when water leaks from a hot water heater to minimize water damage.
5000 Series
Heating-Only Mixing Valves
Provides the high-performance temperature stability required for today's radiant systems, in slab, over pours or in joist bay heating installations.
5121 Mixing Valve
Compact Thermostatic Mixing Valve
The 5121 Mixing Valve is a compact thermostatic valve designed to deliver tempered water at constant temperatures
560 Series
Heat Motor Zone Valves
These valves offer a 3-way bypass version of the Taco 570 Gold Series. Use valves in this series to control the flow to a fan coil or terminal heating unit.
Flo Chek
For Year-Round Domestic Hot Water from a Heating Boiler
For more than 40 years, designers and installers have used Taco Flo-Cheks in forced hot water heating systems to prevent "gravity" circulation during periods when the boiler is hot, but the space heating zone is not wanted.
Mixing Valves
Precise, cost-effective temperature control for your heating systems
Boiler Reset Control
Use to improve performance in hot water heating systems by regulating the supply water temperature of a single boiler based on the outdoor temperature
Priority Zoning Circulator
PC Board-Mounted Switching Relay Package
Reliability of the 00® circulator, the convenience of a PC board-mounted switching relay
Boiler Feed Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves, Dual Controls
Taco Boiler Feed Valves automatically feed water to a system whenever pressure in the system drops below the pressure setting of the valve.
Flow Switch
Overwhelmingly Preferred by Boiler Manufacturers
The Taco Industrial Flow Switch (IFS) starts or stops electronically operated equipment when a flow or no flow condition occurs in a wide variety of applications including heating systems, domestic water boosters, process work, water systems, chillers and on low mass boilers.
Tank Drains
Effective Air Control in Hydronic Systems
These fittings are designed to maintain adequate air cushion to provide sufficient pressurization against all fluctuations of water level.
5000 Series
Lead-Free Mixing Valves
This versatile NSF 61, ASSE 1017 mixing valve provides the ultimate performance for domestic hot water installations
5123 Series
WH-N Lead-Free Mixing Valves
This versatile NSF 61, ASSE 1017 and ASSE 1070 mixing valve, with recirculation port included right on the valve, is specifically designed to be mounted directly on the water heater for fast, simple installation.
570 Gold Series
Heat Motor Zone Valves
Taco's 570 Gold Series are the industry standard for hydronic heating applications, preferred for their quiet, dependable operation and the open lever and twist-off head that makes installation and service easy
Heat Motor Zone Valves
Proven Performance by Millions Installed
Use multiple Heat Zone Valves and a singe pump to start, stop or divert flow through the system to provide individual room or area comfort control and energy savings.
Low Water Cutoff
Accurate, dependable protection for all boiler types
Two Stage Boiler Reset Control
Use this microprocessor-based control to regulate the supply water temperature from a two-stage boiler system based on the outdoor temperature or domestic hot water requirements.
Zone Sentry
Zone Valves with Multi-function LED
The Zone Sentry Zone Valve leads the industry in energy efficiency, flow capacity (Cv), shutoff pressure rating, ease of installation, diagnostic capability and the number of valves (12) that can be used on a standard 40VA transformer.
Cartridge Style Pressure
Reducing Valve
All parts are contained in a one-piece cartridge which can be easily removed and serviced without reducing system pressure. A fast-fill mode that automatically returns to the normal mode when the set pressure is reached and delivers increased flow to speed system fill times.
LoadMatch® Thermostats
Exceptional Control of Heat Pump or Fan Coil LoadMatch Systems
These all-in-one controls are pre-programmed to suit LoadMatch applications with little or no additional configuration needed.
Venturi Fittings
Designed to divert water flow
Taco Venturi Fittings allow adding radiation without putting in a separate dedicated zone, to eliminate the additional piping and fittings needed for a separate zone.