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Taco is much more than a manufacturer, it is a way of doing business.

Whether you are a commercial or residential installer, an engineer, architect, or building owner, registration opens the door to our vast training and support network. The FloPro Team, Taco University, webinars, blogs, videos, and free system design software are just some of the value-addeds we provide for our customers.

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John H. White Jr., CEO
John H. White Jr., leads a talented and experienced management team dedicated to:
  • Continually evolving innovative new products.
  • Maintaining Taco's tradition of manufacturing
    high-quality products at a fair price.
  • Delivering fast, responsive service to our customers.

John H. White Jr., CEO

Wil VandeWiel, President & COO

Chris Integlia
Executive Vice President, Residential Divisions

Bryan Payne
Sr. Vice President, Commercial Sales & Marketing

Kyle Adamonis
PHR, Sr. Vice President, Human Resources and Legal

Glenn Graham
Sr. Vice President, Finance & Treasurer
Robert Lee
Executive Vice President, Commercial Divisions

Nelson Rego
Vice President, Quality Services

Tim Smith
Director of Marketing Programs

Mark Chaffee
Vice President of Brand Marketing

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