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Advantage VFD Pump Controller Card For Advantage 61 Drives
Advantage VFD Pump Controller Cards provide cutting-edge PID control for the Advantage 61, E-Flex, and M-Flex variable speed drive lines. The card is capable of supporting both HVAC and domestic water boosting applications.

For parallel or standby pumping applications, the Advantage VFD Pump Controller Card will modulate, stage, and alternate up to four pumps. Only one controller card is required to deliver all the functionality. Additional VFDs are connected (daisy chained) via standard Ethernet (RJ45) and are automatically 'discovered' (plug and play) by the controller card.

Precision control is achieved by monitoring pressure, differential pressure, or central plant differential temperature. The card receives a signal from the transmitter(s) or probes and then modulates the VFDs according to internal algorithms and user defined setpoints.

Features and Benefits
  • Multiple System Monitoring Options - Controls variable speed pumps based on three different user selected metrics for variables including building pressure, three independent zones of differential pressure (Delta P) or central plant supply and return temperature (Delta T).

  • Pump Staging and Duty Sharing for Four Pumps - Monitors system demands and stages pumps on and off to satisfy demand and optimize energy efficiency. Duty shares to provide either equal run time or skewed run time, delivering preferential loading to owner designated equipment.

  • Differential Pressure Control - Monitors up to a three zone differential pressure system using three independent PID loops. The Advantage VFD Pump Controller Card determines the zone with the highest demand based on a predetermined setpoint for each zone. It then regulates speed and staging/ destaging based on the requirements of the most critical zone.

  • Flow Reject Function - Enhances system efficiency with the usage of flow meters. By configuring the flow value for a single pump system in the Delta-P menu, the system will de-stage all other pumps in operation if the flow value drops below the flow capabilities of a single pump. This de-staging provision operates in addition to the standard de-stage function which may be based on feedback error.

  • Fault Tolerant Control - Ensures that the system can still be satisfied if signal loss occurs from any sensor. The pumps immediately go to a user defined default speed mode (factory preset 45 Hz) and the controller notifies the BMS that a fault has occurred.

  • Life Cycle Optimization - Improves the pump life cycle by hydraulically stable control, end of curve protection, as well as energy optimization.

  • Drive Parameterization (Auto- Commissioning) - Reduces drive setup time by transferring master drive/motor parameters to other VFDs in the system.