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LOFlo: Advanced hydronic radiant heating and cooling
The Taco LOFlo System is used in hydronic heating and cooling systems to significantly reduce the flow of water. Typically used in radiant panel (ceiling, wall or floor) and chilled beam (passive and active) applications, the technology significantly reduces pump flows and pipe sizes for reduced energy consumption and lower first costs. The LOFlo System also provides precise control of supply water to the terminal, e.g. chilled beam, and precise control of room temperatures.

It's simple
The basic concept of the LOFlo Mixing Block, shown here, is to provide a complete injection mixing station in a simple factory assembled package that controls each individual zone at the lowest possible flow rate by maintaining the highest possible supply water temperatures in cooling and lowest possible supply water temperatures in heating.

No balancing valves, control valves, or piping losses
The LMB consists of a single cast iron header, which functions as a built-in hydraulic separator, to which small circulators are attached - one for the primary system flow and the other an injection circulator that adjusts to precisely match the required load on a given zone. When used with modern radiant systems (wall, floor, or ceiling panels) or chilled beam systems(active or passive), only 2 pipes are needed. Flow rates are reduced since there are no control valves, balancing valves, or piping losses to overcome. The small, reliable circulators take the place of all of these components. Based on the control concept selected, the LMB provides only the flow and temperature of water needed to satisfy the zone load at any given time.

Taco's commitment to energy savings
All of our advanced hydronic systems are designed with three objectives: 1) Provide reliable, responsive comfort; 2) Save design time, materials, and energy costs, and 3) Promote the economy, safety, and superior health benefits of our hydronic systems when compared to air systems.

  • All-in-one injection circulator, zone circulator and common bridge piping
  • Built-in hydraulic separator
  • Only 4 piping connections
  • Greatly reduces installation time
  • Substantial space savings
  • Maintenance free, wet rotor injection and zone circulators
  • Replaceable cartridge
  • Integral flow check
  • Variable speed drive injection and optional
  • Choose from a variety of sizes and capacities for the injection and zone circulator

Sample some LOFlo installations around the nation

Legend for Articles: Case study - Technical journal article - Published article - Website article
Project Building Type Construction Type Location Taco Equipment LEED Articles Photos Video
Emergency Operations Center military installation new Alaska, USA chilled beams   T,   T    
Penn Foundation medical new Pennsylvania, USA KS Series pumps, chilled beams, LOFlo mixing blocks, iWorX control system   T,    T  
Taco Innovation & Development Center office building new Rhode Island, USA commercial equipment yes T,    T  
Taco Innovation & Development Center office building new Singapore commercial equipment yes
Tallahassee Public Safety Complex State offices building new Florida, USA Chilled beams, HS2 software, LoFlo mixing blocks, FI pumps, 1900 pumps, 4900 series, KV pumps   T