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Web-based Building Management Made Easy

Product > iWorx

iWorx by Taco Electronics Solutions is a powerful, web-based, easily-scalable building management, monitoring and control system designed specifically for the light commercial buildings and high-end residential markets.

iWorx is ideal for integrating forced air and hydronic systems, including geothermal and solar, and for assuring that each system communicates effectively and works smoothly together.

iWorx delivers effective cost control over a building's energy usage and HVAC equipment maintenance, plus optional BTU metering, in single locations, multi-site or multi-building installations ranging from retail stores, strip malls and restaurants to offices, apartments, schools and high-end residential.
  • Affordable
  • Web-based
  • Easy-to-install
  • Simple-to-use
  • No software to buy or learn
  • Self-configuring controllers
  • BTU metering option
  • Scalable - add only the pre-programmed, equipment-based controllers you need
  • Manage the system from any web-enabled device or PC

iWorx Selection Wizard
The iWorx building management, monitoring and control system is supported by an online iWorx Selection Wizard that offers contractors and design engineers the ability to create and specify iWorx projects in minutes. Using simple input from the user, the iWorx Selection Wizard creates a complete submittal package that includes wiring and air flow diagrams, bill of materials, sequence of operations, and complete job specifications. To obtain a login, please contact your local iWorx sales representative.

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