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Our commitment to sustainability is woven into the fundamental fabric of our company. It is a core value for Taco President & CEO John Hazen White, Jr., the entire management team and all Taco employees.

This commitment is apparent in our business practices, day-to-day operations and long-term growth and development activities.

Sustainability begins with our headquarters building, a 1920's era mill building in an urban environment. Rather than demolish it and build a "modern" facility, we chose to retain this building and therefore "recycle" all the building materials it contains.

Within this former trolley barn and community landmark, we have retrofitted the modern systems needed for sustainable business operations.
  • The use of energy-efficient systems throughout.
  • Co-generation of some one-third of electricity used.
  • Monitoring and control of HVAC systems to maximize energy-efficiency.
  • Some 11 1/2 miles of snow melt tubing in our truck apron.
  • Comfortable and stable working environment.
  • Excellent indoor air quality.
  • Natural lighting wherever possible.

A utilities master plan is our guide to efficiency use of energy and utilization of renewable energy, when feasible. With all facility improvements or expansions the plan requires us to utilize an existing utility whenever possible, for example when adding a radiant loop to the truck apron or increasing the lighting in our shipping facility. If we can capture waste heat from a process, we'll use it to heat a room.
  • Co-generation of some one-third of our electricity using gas turbines. Waste heat from the turbines is then used in HVAC systems in various parts of the facility.
  • Rooftop solar arrays to provide domestic hot water for the building.
  • A 1.500 foot deep well and geothermal system to provide heat for our offices
  • Occupancy sensors to control heating and cooling in specific areas based on use of the space.

Taco recycles the vast majority of all waste generated.
  • Recycling of the bulk of waste generated throughout the facility.
  • Recycling of 75% of all wood received, such as pallets and freighting materials. The use of recycled materials in new pallets and packing materials.
  • Recycling of 100% of office paper and plastic waste.

Indoor Environment
We take pains to provide all Taco employees with a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment.
  • Filtering of air and air conditioning throughout the facility.
  • CO2 monitoring throughout the manufacturing and shipping areas.
  • Use of natural delighting wherever possible.

We recognize our employees as our most valuable asset and treat them accordingly. Taco builds strong relationships with employees, their families and the community at large, on and off the job.
  • More than 18 1/2 years average employee tenure
  • Annual employee turnover rate, less than 0.5%.