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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Featured Product: On Command™ Hot Water Recirculation

Taco introduces On Command, the hot water recirculation system that saves times, money, water and energy while delivering instant hot water comfort throughout the home.

On Command features a small, silent pump that connects to the hot and cold water lines at the home's most remote fixture. The pump is activated as needed by the user via starter button, motion sensor or remote push button.

During operation, the pump circulates hot water from the water heater and returns cooled water to the heater through the cold water line. As soon as hot water reaches the faucet, the pump automatically shuts off.
  • Delivers hot water quickly.
  • Energy efficient - runs only when activated by user.
  • Automatically senses when water's hot and shuts off.
  • Conserves water that normally runs down drain.
On Command is easy to install in just eight easy steps. It requires no new return line, there's no need to drain the system and On Command is available for conventional and tankless systems.

Get complete information on Taco's new On Command.

Borrow Barba Winner Brings John 'Back Home'
Jason Michaels, winner of the 2013 Borrow Barba contest didn't know he would be bringing John Barba back to his Massachusetts roots.

Jason is a project manager for Muir Mechanical Services in Boxborough, MA. Turns out that is just a stones throw from Harvard, the town, not the college, where John grew up. That's a nice coincidence in a random drawing from hundreds of entries from all across the U.S. and Canada. Then it turns out that Jason is married to one of John's high school classmates! What are the odds?

Jason Michaels, John Barba, Bruce Marshall

Jason Michaels, Ron Ballard, owner of Muir Mechanical, and John Barba

To celebrate Jason's win, he, John and Bruce Marshall of Emerson Swan took in the Patriots - Cleveland game at nearby Foxboro stadium. The next day John visited Muir Mechanical. No dirty jobs for John this year. He spoke with Muir personnel, talked shop and presented the winner with an armful of Taco products including a Bumble Bee High-Efficiency Variable Speed Circulator, Zone Sentry Zone Valves and a Zone Valve Control.

Congratulations to Jason, and good luck to everyone in our next Borrow Barba contest.

Visit Taco at the AHR Expo 2014 This Month
It's time for AHR Expo, and Taco will be there. This year's event takes place January 21 – 23, in the Javits Center, New York City. Taco, and a full crew of products and personnel will be on hand to greet you in Booth No. 521. If you can't make the show, we will have a special show page on the Taco website, opening on the same day as the show in New York, plus a sneak peek next week.

Watch your email for all the details. And mark your calendar now to visit Taco at the show.

Thanks for your interest.

Mark Chaffee
Director of Brand Marketing