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Celebrate National Tradesmen Day, View 'The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work'

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Celebrate National Tradesmen Day,
View 'The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work'

Today is the second annual National Tradesmen Day, presented by Irwin Tools, to honor the nation's skilled tradesmen.

To celebrate, you are invited to watch the entire documentary, "The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work," on demand on the Taco website from Friday, September 21 through Sunday, September 23.

The film's creator and director, Richard Yeagley, calls the 88-minute film a, "real and unflinching look at the lives and work of the modern tradesman. He tells his story and explores, "a pervasive bias against any work that requires any form of manual labor and described as blue collar," through insightful interviews with a variety of tradesmen on the job in his native Baltimore, MD. It's a compelling look at an important issue facing everyone in the HVAC industry.

Tradesmen Share Their Best On the Taco
'Do Your Best Work' Wall

HVAC professionals are justifiably proud of their work. See some of their best on the "Do Your Best Work" wall on the Taco HVAC facebook page.

Contractors from Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Central America posted photos of some of the jobs they're most proud of in Taco's recent, "Do Your Best Work," contest. The jobs include commercial and residential installations, small, medium and large, using conventional as well as renewable energy, such as solar and geothermal.

See all the photos here.

View the winners here.

Celebrate National Tradesmen Day with Taco. And keep in mind that the Taco website is the best place to go on the web for a wealth of Taco product and application information, technical support and HVAC news.

I hope to see you there soon. Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith