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Cranston, RI, April 24, 2006 - The Taco Suction Diffuser Rear Strainer Pullout (RSP) incorporates many features into one device, making installations quick, easy and cost efficient. It is a flow straightening device that provides maximum flow efficiency at the suction inlet of the pump, while at the same time reducing space and fitting requirements. It also eliminates the need for an equivalent length of ten pipe diameters of straight run on the suction side of the pump.

Features include its metering port that allows for the monitoring of system conditions, an oversized body cylinder that ensures minimal pressure drop, a removable cover plate, and a ductile iron body on all units. A disposable fine mesh start-up strainer promotes a cleaner, more trouble-free system.

The diffuser is available in a wide variety of sizes, and in 125 psi or 250 psi working pressure with either flanged by flanged or grooved by flanged connections.

Taco Inc., headquartered in Cranston, RI since 1954, is a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling components for use in hydronic systems. The company supplies a full range of high quality and long-lasting products for residential, commercial and industrial applications worldwide.

For more Information contact: Mark Chaffee, Taco Inc., 401-942-8000 or email marcha@taco-hvac.com.