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Latest News

August 10 - The U.S. Department of Energy has re-launched its energy,gov website as, "a cutting-edge, interactive information platform," that modernizes the way consumers and businesses access information and resources, the DOE has announced.

The site improves the ability of DOE staff to interact with the public and one another, while saving taxpayers more than $10 million annually, says DOE. Both the front end and back end of the site have been completely overhauled.

"Our goal is to make Energy.gov easier to use, more transparent and more participatory," said Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu. "This next phase is part of our ongoing commitment to empower consumers and businesses with the information, tools and services they need to save money, create jobs and find opportunities in the new energy economy."

Upgrades to the site include
  • Easier access for visitors to localized information specific to their area on tax credits, rebates, grant opportunities and energy saving tips.
  • Use of the latest technologies in information visualization for updated and interactive charts and maps and to make energy information more relevant to individuals.
The site re-launch is part of the Obama Administration's campaign to cut waste throughout the federal government. Over the next year, the DOE will continue to improve energy.gov by moving more program websites and features to the centralized platform.

Visit energy.gov now.