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4 Ways Our New Pump Wizard Does More for You

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4 Ways Our New Pump Wizard Does More for You

We've just updated our popular Pump Selection Wizard so you can do more in less time than ever with this handy online tool.

The enhanced Pump Wizard enables you to search wider and deeper than before, with no added effort, and to get more comprehensive results. Pump curves are only the start of what the new Pump Wizard delivers. Yet it is still as easy to use as ever.

4 Powerful New Features that Work for You
  • New Tab Structure
    A new tab structure enables you to compare pumps side-by-side within the service flow range you enter in the Wizard. Choose a pump. Choose a second pump and the data appears under an additional tab. You have full access to all information in all open tabs.
  • Compare Up to 7 Pumps Side-by-Side
    For detailed comparison and to help you narrow your search, you can see and compare up to seven pumps simultaneously.
  • Find Everything in One Place
    Now you get the documents associated with the selected pump models, along with their pump curves. You can see and compare instruction sheets, submittal data sheets and replacement parts lists, along with the pump curves you are accustomed to seeing.
  • Print Everything
    With one click, you can print all your search results, including full-size pump curves.

See for yourself right now the power and convenience of our improved Pump Selection Wizard.

Get to Know the Family
The Pump Selection Wizard is one of a family of very clever wizards that live at They're waiting to help you find:

Stop by and get to know the whole family. Once you do, you'll want to be a regular visitor.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith