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When Taco Canada relocated its sales and distribution facility from Mississauga to Milton, Ontario in 2008, the move presented a perfect opportunity to install a new prototype radiant cooling and heating system in the new office build-out. At the time of the relocation, Taco had embarked on development of a unique system of radiant cooling/heating, utilizing a mix of innovative products. The new Milton headquarters then became a logical choice to install such a system in order to test its operational efficacy.

The Taco system – called the LOFlo™ Radiant Cooling System – employs a mix of products, including fan coils, heat pumps, chilled ceiling panels, active and passive chilled beams, along with the company's single pipe circulation system called LoadMatch&#reg; and a modified radiant cooling injection pump version of its popular Radiant Mixing Block (RMB). The LOFlo Radiant Cooling System works in conjunction with the radiant chilled ceiling panels and passive/active chilled beams along with a 100 percent dedicated outside air system (DOAS) to supply latent cooling. Active chilled beams were used in the building's training areas as well as general office areas. Chilled ceilings were used to supplement the training area chilled beams...MORE

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