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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Taco Chilled Beam Technology Helps Green School go for LEED Platinum

Designing systems for enhanced sustainability has become a priority concern for many HVAC professionals, as it has been for some time at Taco. We're thoroughly committed to developing sustainable products and systems, and operating our company based on sustainable principles.

The most recent example is the announcement by The Green Schoolhouse Series, a national green schools community outreach program, that Taco will provide some of its latest, most innovative HVAC technology—our LOFlo™ system for chilled beam applications—to the high-performance, eco-friendly Phoenix Safari School.

The Green Schoolhouse Series is a unique collaboration of private and public entities to build high-performance, environmentally sustainable, LEED-Platinum designed Green Schoolhouses at Title l, low-income, public schools.

Taco's innovative heating and cooling system is part of the plan to achieve LEED-Platinum status.

Taco's LOFlo system helps to maintain comfortably cool temperatures even during the summer months by removing heat from interior spaces through a series of chilled water-filled pipes. The system offers substantial comfort, energy-efficiency, and operational savings over traditional HVAC systems.

In particular, chilled beam systems use almost no airflow, eliminating drafts and substantially improving comfort in comparison to all air or direct refrigerant systems.

Taco LOFlo chilled beam cooling also provides a healthier school environment for students because the technology does not circulate dirt, dust, or germs the way traditional forced-air systems do.

With chilled beams, cold water circulates through tubing embedded in metal ceiling fixtures to wick away heat. What makes the technology so significant is its broad applicability for commercial structures and its extreme energy- and thermal-efficiency.

Taco is participating in The Green Schoolhouse Series to achieve its objective of replacing the aging and in many cases unhealthy portable classrooms currently in use at schools across the country. Each Green Schoolhouse ranges in size from 6,000 to 12,000 square feet and replaces four to 10 portables with a permanent, multipurpose, educational facility designed to provide not only additional classroom space during the day, but a site for after-school programs and community activities on nights and weekends.

Learn more about Taco's chilled beam technology.

Visit The Green Schoolhouse Series website.

Visit the Taco Commercial HVAC Blog For More about Chilled Beam Technology, Plus....
If you're one of those commercial HVAC professionals—comfort system engineers, design-build contractors, facility managers and building owners—who:
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then you'll find a lot to like at Taco's new blog for commercial HVAC professionals.

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There's new materials added and new conversations taking place all the time, so take a look for yourself now. We're sure that once you visit, you'll want to return.

Visit the Taco Commercial HVAC Professional blog.

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Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith