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We routinely add new documents to the Taco Document Library to maintain a comprehensive information source for you. These documents include product catalogs, instruction sheets, specifications, wiring diagrams, submittal data sheets, etc.

Here's a list of some of the most recent additions:

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Featured Product:
Advantage Variable Speed Drives

Taco's new line of Advantage Variable Speed Drives — a collaboration between Taco and Schneider Electric — combines our proven pumping technology with Schneider's variable frequency drives, and now includes Square D enclosures to provide a complete, advanced, user-friendly technology solution.

When matched with optimal output of equipment, the drives will deliver more reliable performance and increase productivity while reducing energy costs.

Throughout the product line, Advantage drives feature optimal reaction times and complete scalability to match application requirements for speed, size and protection.

With the flexibility and performance to meet the needs of a broad range of pumping applications, Taco's new Advantage drives allow for simplified installation, configuring and maintenance. Advanced diagnostics and voltage ride-through capability, and seismic-qualification all come together in Taco's new variable speed drives. Open and enclosed drives are available, both with 18-month factory warranties.

See complete information on the full line here.

Video Case Study:
LoadMatch® Solution for Beachfront Florida Condos

HVAC systems in the Florida panhandle's tropical climate must deal with multiple challenges of high temperatures, extremely high humidity, especially in summer, and cold snaps that occasionally drive outdoor temperatures well below freezing.

None face a tougher environment than Origin at Seahaven, a 17-story, 329-unit condo complex on the beachfront, where wind and sand can compromise conventional systems and multiply maintenance requirements.

Developers at Origin turned to Taco to best those demanding conditions, installing a LoadMatch single pipe water source heat pump system to deliver superior comfort and reliability with minimal maintenance.

"The circulation pumps are super reliable. I've never come to a unit where I've had to replace one,"says Daniel Jordan of Comfort Systems USA, the large mechanical systems and services provider. "There's almost zero maintenance, "he adds. View the full case study video.

Learn more about Taco Advanced Hydronics Systems.

As usual, we've got more for you at, including news, dozens of case studies, technical support and our unmatched suite of hydronics design tools. Make sure you visit often.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith