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Green Building Will Drive Use of BIM Tools, Study Finds

Latest News > Industry News

September 17 &3151; The growth of green building will drive use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, says a new report from McGraw-Hill Construction.

"Green BIM: How Building Information Modeling is Contributing to Green Design and Construction," was produced by McGraw Hill Construction in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), Autodesk and 13 other design and construction industry organizations.

The construction industry is just beginning to tap the full potential of BIM to achieve their green objectives, the study finds. Only 17% of green BIM practioners are currently realizing more than 50% of BIM's potential for their green goals, but a sharp increase in green BIM is expected in the near future, says a news release from McGraw Hill Construction.

BIM software makes use of Revit files such as those Taco supplies for many of its pumps, valves, air separators and other products. Revit files for Taco products can be downloaded here on the Taco website.

The report captures perspectives on the future of Green BIM from a wide range of experts, as well as case studies that demonstrate Green BIM's contributions to achieving sustainable outcomes. According to the report, as green building becomes a larger share of construction, the benefits provided by BIM will also be more widely recognized, and the use of BIM as a whole will increase.

"Green and BIM have been the two most dynamic trends in our industry," said Steve Jones, who leads McGraw-Hill Construction's BIM initiatives. "Although they have been growing independently, it was inevitable that they would converge because the analysis and simulation capabilities of modeling are such a natural fit with the objectives of green building. This report establishes a baseline for the state of that evolution and points the way towards further exciting developments."

The full 52-page report is available to download from McGraw Hill construction. The report is free, however, registration is required to download.