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Connect with Homeowners Through The FloPro Team

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Connect with Homeowners
Through The FloPro Team

What's the best addition you can make to your business? More customers.

As a FloPro Team member, you are eligible to participate in a new "Taco Connect" feature in the homeowner section of the Taco website,

Until now, the FloPro program has focused on providing the training to help you build a stronger business based on broader, deeper knowledge of home heating systems and products.

Now we're adding another essential to grow your business: Customers.

We get inquiries every day from consumers who visit the homeowner section of the Taco website looking for answers to their questions about residential heating and cooling systems.

Many of these visitors ask:
  • Where can I buy Taco products for my home?
  • How can I find a qualified professional to install them?

These homeowners want and need repairs, replacements and upgrades to the HVAC, plumbing and heating systems in their homes. They want those repairs and improvements now, and they want a qualified professional to do the work.

That's where you come in.

Here's how homeowners "Taco Connect" through the Taco website.
  1. Homeowners enter their area code, a brief description of their HVAC problem, and the services they need.
  2. We forward their email request to you, based on your locale and the services you provide.
  3. At the same time, we email the homeowner to tell them we've sent their request to you.
  4. We don't send the homeowner your contact information. You won't waste your time with tire-kickers. It is up to you to contact the homeowner.
Of course, this is another free benefit of belonging to the FloPro Team. To enter the FloPro "Taco Connect" program, update your profile. We'll take it from there.

Leads from this program will be qualified leads. These homeowners have shown their serious intent by visiting, learning about home HVAC systems and making a specific request. These will be leads worth your quick response.

Join the "Taco Connect" program now. Update your profile here. It takes less than a minute. You've got nothing to lose and new business to gain.