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Join the Growing Crowd At TacoHVAC on Facebook

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Join the Growing Crowd
At TacoHVAC on Facebook

The TacoHVAC Facebook community has taken off!

Since we launched the page last week, hundreds of visitors have already joined. Why not take a look and join them?

There's a lot going on. Here's a sampling:
  • Visitors win an iPod Touch—Several visitors have already won an iPod Touch, and there are more yet to be awarded. All you have to do is become a member of the Facebook TacoHVAC Community. You're automatically entered. If you turn out to be community member number 620 or 999, Taco will send you an iPod Touch. It's that simple.
  • Visitors from around the world—Visitors have posted on our wall from Italy, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Dubai, and all across the U.S. and Canada, from Bellingham, WA, to Springfield, MA. And that's just in the first week. Get in on the conversation.
  • John Barba's posts—John posted from the Radiant Panel Association show in Reno, NV, last week. Where will he be this week? And what will he say next? Stay tuned on John's FloPro blog where you'll find a wide range of his thoughts on the HVAC business, hydronic systems, popular culture, current events, "golden oldies," video clips and more.
  • We're on Twitter, too—Now you can stay in touch with Taco on Twitter, anytime, anywhere. You'll find Taco updates plus some of the latest news on sustainability, green building, hydronics and a lot more.
    Sign up here, or if you have a Twitter account log in here.

A broad spectrum of visitors is gathering at the TacoHVAC Facebook page:
  • Contractors and consumers.
  • Supporters of green building.
  • Homeowners who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Visionaries who see the future of solar, geothermal and wind power.
  • Hobbyists and handymen who want to build a system to reduce their carbon footprint now.

If your interest is connected to space heating and cooling, even remotely, we think you will find something of interest on the TacoHVAC Facebook page.

So please, come visit us on the TacoHVAC Facebook page. Join our Facebook community and get involved in conversations that interest you.

For updates, contests, photos, videos, conversations and more from Taco family and friends visit TacoHVAC Facebook page.

On the Taco Website:
NAOHSM Convention & Tradeshow

The NAOHSM Convention & Tradeshow starts in less that two weeks in Providence, RI. That's Taco country, and we know the territory! On the Taco FloPro page you'll find some great suggestions about what to see and do and our favorite spots in Providence, plus a schedule of NAOHSM events.

For up-to-the-minute Taco news and announcements, visit

For complete Taco product, application and technical support and documents, visit any time.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith