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Cranston, RI, September 20, 2005- Taco’s new patent pending X-Pump Block combines a variable speed mixing control, heat source circulator, constant speed system circulator, and heat exchanger into a single unit. The XPB is an all-in-one mixing system with an attached brazed plate and counterflow heat exchanger for total system isolation.

This combination delivers complete isolation between the heat generation side of the system (boiler, water heater etc.) and the heat delivery side of the system (radiant tubing, glycol based snowmelt, baseboard, etc.) allowing unparalled flexibility that can be used in any system combining any style heat source. The installation is as easy as four pipe connections, which reduces the time and space required for installation.

Additional X-Pump Block features include plug-in low voltage connections, maintenance free, wet-rotor circulators, replaceable cartridge design, large LCD display and warm weather shutdown.
The X-Pump Block can be used in three operational modes: as an outdoor reset control, a setpoint control or a ΔT limiting control.

For radiant heat systems the X-Pump Block’s features make it a cost-effective addition for kitchen and bath remodel projects, especially in homes with an air based heating system.

For more information on Taco’s X-Pump Block (XPB), call 401.942.8000.

Taco Inc., headquatered in Cranston, RI since 1954, is a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling components for use in hydronic systems. The company supplies a full range of high quality and long-lasting products for residential, commercial and industrial applications worldwide.