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At the AHR Expo, Orlando, FL, January 25-27, 2010 - Taco's microprocessor-based iSeries mixing valves, designed to regulate and easily vary hydronic system water temperatures, are now available in a 3-way union configuration and with outdoor reset.

Challenged by a one-temperature-fits-all approach to radiant or hydronic applications? The iSeries-R, linked to an outdoor reset sensor, fine-tunes indoor comfort by varying water temperature to specific interior spaces. If an installation includes spaces with high solar gain, or areas that lose heat quickly, the valves automatically provide warmer or cooler supply temperatures.

With an adjustable reset ratio and maximum and minimum water temperatures, the iSeries can be used for many different types of systems, including in-slab radiant, remote injection loops, or staple-up radiant systems that require higher start-up temperatures. New 3-way iValve with union connections makes for an easy change-out of any thermostatic mixing valve. Instantly improve the comfort and energy efficiency of any job by dropping in an Outdoor Reset iValve in place of any fixed temperature mixing valve.

The iSeries-S offers a more precise alternative to the use of a thermostatic mixing valve for temperature control to a heating system. A direct drive microprocessor-based actuator modulates a 2-way, 3-way or 4-way valve to inject different rates of hot water — from 80°F to 180°F — into cooler system return water.

A 15°F supply water setback can be used to enhance energy efficiency at night or for unoccupied areas of the home. An external multi-status LED indicator light, plug-in wiring connections and an easily removed actuator make installation and diagnostics a snap.