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Latest News

At the AHR Expo, Orlando, FL, January 25-27, 2010 – Taco, Inc. has four short instructional videos available for viewing by HVAC design engineers and building construction professionals using Autodesk® Seek Revit® (.rfa) family files for building design projects. The four videos provide basic instructions for accessing and using Revit family files of Taco commercial products, including pumps and related equipment, for mechanical system design.

The videos are available for viewing at Taco’s website www. taco-hvac.com. On the homepage, click on the cube labeled Download Autodesk Revit Files HERE.

The four videos are:
  • Finding & Downloading Taco Revit Family Files
    (Describes the process for finding and downloading Revit family files by going to the Taco website or to the Autodesk seek website.)
  • Inserting a Taco Revit Family File Into a Revit Project
    (Shows the steps for extracting Revit .rfa files and demonstrates how to insert them in a Revit project.)
  • Creating a Revit Pump Schedule
    (Learn how to create tags, mechanical equipment schedules and pump schedules.)
  • Revit Mechanical System Design Basics
    (Demonstrates techniques for mechanical system design in Revit.)

Taco now has seven commercial pumps lines and three related equipment lines as Revit family files. Taco intends to have all of its commercial products available in Revit family file formats in the near future.

Click here to learn more.