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In February 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was approved by the U.S. Government, thereby allocating $787 billion to federal, state and local projects and programs. Taco supports the economic recovery and the creation of jobs for the American worker and is ready to meet your needs for ARRA Buy American compliant products for commercial and residential projects, including:
  • School modernization and repair (State Equalization Fund)
  • Defense Department facilities modernization and repair
  • Public housing improvements and energy efficiency (HUD)
  • Improvement of Job Corps training facilities
  • New government child development centers
  • Construction of state extended-care facilities
  • Improvement to facilities of the National Guard
  • Maintenance of the United States Coast Guard facilities
  • Rehabilitation of Native American housing
  • Construction and renovation of community health centers

Orders for ARRA Buy American compliant products and required letters stating compliance with ARRA, must be directed through your Account Manager or identified on the BuyTaco.com website. Please contact your Account Manager prior to entering the ARRA Buy American order.

For questions regarding a specific project or products please contact your Account Manager.

For additional information about ARRA projects and funds, visit:








*Please note that compliance with the Buy American provision of the ARRA is NOT the same as the Buy American Act, Buy America, Made in America or Made in the USA.

Click here to read Taco's newsletter about California Assembly Bill 1953 (AB1953).