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Taco’s Radiant Mixing Block Wins Award at Mécanex/Climatex Trade Show & Conference

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Cranston, RI, June 30, 2005- Taco’s Radiant Mixing Block took home a best in category award at this year’s Mécanex/Climatex Trade Show held in Montreal. More than 4900 visitors poured into the Montreal Convention Center to see 225 exhibitors from across Canada and the United States exhibiting a variety of HVAC and plumbing products.

In the Hydronic Heating category Taco’s patent-pending Radiant Mixing Block won the award for best new product. The Radiant Mixing Block is a complete piping, pumping, air elimination and control package. It combines a variable speed injection mixing control, injection circulator, system circulator, and air elimination into a single unit.

With only four pipe connections required, the Radiant Mixing Block greatly reduces installation time, and affords substantial space savings. Designed for versatility, the Radiant Mixing Block can be set up as an outdoor reset control, a set-point control or a _T limiting control.

The unit can handle radiant load demands up to 120,000 BTU’s. Operationally, hot water from the boiler enters the Radiant Mixing Block at the boiler supply port. Cooler return water from the radiant loops enters at the system return port. Air between these two ports is purged. The injection circulator varies in speed to blend the two water temperatures, injecting the excess required temperature back through the boiler return port. The constant speed system circulator delivers the required blended water temperature to the radiant loop through the radiant supply port.

For more information on the Radiant Mixing Block from Taco, call 401.942.8000 or visit the company’s website at

Taco, Inc., headquartered in Cranston, RI since 1954, is a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling components for use in hydronic systems. The company supplies a full range of high quality and long-lasting products for residential, commercial and industrial applications worldwide.