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The solar business will see strong growth in the next two years, if the opinions of executives in the solar business prove correct. Environmental Design + Construction magazine reports.

A new poll, "The 2009 U.S. Solar Industry Monitor," conducted by Droege & Comp, an international management consulting firm, and the public relations firm Gibbs & Soell, quizzed some 100 professionals representing key areas of the solar business.

A majority of respondents forecast near-term growth for their U.S. businesses. Some 92.6% say the business will grow next year and 95.1% predict growth in 2011. Additional highlights of the report include:

64.9% of participants indicate the recession has not had a crushing impact on the U.S. industry.

The main obstacles to growth, according to respondents, are a lack of financing (81.8%), little support from utilities, (62.9%) lack of customer knowledge (61.3%) and an insufficient level of incentives (59.1%).

"The U.S. solar industry is positioning itself for a sales upswing in 2010 that could pave the way for aggressive expansion in the years beyond," said Sebastian Goeres, a renewable energy specialist with Droege & Comp. "Competition is fierce, and players compete mainly via cost. We see the need for leading companies to improve their operational costs and to put more emphasis on their strategic plans."

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