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Latest News

With sustainable building design increasingly important to HVAC&R engineers and others in the built environment industry, ASHRAE has published a new edition of its "Fundamentals" handbook with greater emphasis on designing for effective resource use.

The "2009 ASHRAE Handbook — Fundamentals," covers basic principles and provides essential data for HVAC&R design. In all, the volume includes more than 1,000 pages and 39 chapters on a variety of HVAC&R topics, covering general engineering information, basic materials, load and energy calculations, duct and pipe design.

A new chapter on sustainability defines this concept for HVAC&R and describes the principles, design considerations, and detailed evaluations needed in designing sustainable HVAC&R systems. It covers characteristics of sustainability, factors impacting sustainability, primary HVAC&R considerations in sustainable design, factors driving sustainability into design practice and designing for effective energy resource use.

Additional new material can be found throughout the handbook, which is published in two editions, one with inch-pound (I-P) units of measurement, and the other using the International System of Units (SI).

The "2009 ASHRAE Handbook — Fundamentals," which includes a CD containing climate data for 5,564 stations, costs $195, in I-P or SI. The "2009 ASHRAE Handbook CD," which contains both the I-P and SI editions, costs $155. It is available from the ASHRAE website.