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Taco Wins LEED Certification

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Taco Wins LEED Certification of Plant Expansion, Renovation

As you know, Taco supports the green building/sustainable design movement with an expanding range of products and numerous resources at

We also embrace sustainable design for our own facilities, as has been recognized by LEED certification of our recently-completed plant renovation and expansion in Cranston, RI.

The project was a 60,000 sq. ft. single-story warehouse addition which includes facilities for the manufacturing plant's coolant and metal chip recycling. The project earned points in all major areas of the U.S. Green Building Council LEED rating system, which includes: sustainable design, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor air quality and innovation and design.

Taco President and CEO John White Jr. marked the occasion with a LEED certificate ceremony in the new facility on Earth Day, attended by Taco employees and special guests including Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri.

See a video of the ceremony here.

Read a complete description of the project and LEED certification here.

HVAC Pros Ask...
Question: How do you clean and de-grease a LoadMatch installation?

We recommend the following sequence for cleaning and start-up of a LoadMatch® Hydronic System:
  1. Initially, start the primary pumps only. Leave the LoadMatch® secondary circulators off. This will ensure that you don't pump construction debris through the terminal units.
  2. Continue to clean the start-up screens in the suction diffusers until the start-up screens are clean.
  3. Start the LoadMatch® secondary circulators and continue to clean the start-up screens.
  4. When the start-up screens stay clean, remove the start-up screens and turn the system to automatic operation.

You'll find well-informed and friendly tech support readily available at, plus news about the industry and the economy, product and application documentation, design tools and more. Visit today and you'll understand even better why we say at Taco, it's all about you.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Tim Smith