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ABB Assembly Facility: Taco's LoadMatch System installed in ABB manufacturing facility in Qatar

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PDF of the case study.

Installation Marks First LoadMatch® Project in Middle East

Swiss ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies, recently completed a retrofit project that turned a former 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse into a new electronic components assembly facility in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar. Taco's LoadMatch® single pipe hydronic system is in place inside the building to deliver air conditioning for the torrid summer period, which stretches from April through September each year.

The ABB facility represents the first LoadMatch project for Taco in the booming Persian Gulf region. Taco provided a sizeable discount to ABB to get the pilot project, and its area sales representative, Mutasim Al Ghadir, presented the LoadMatch system concept to ABB, employing Taco's Hydronic System Solutions (HSS) software to provide pipe and valve sizing in designing the HVAC system for the building.

Inside the assembly facility are 15 exposed LoadMatch circulators hooked up to fan coils provided by Blue Star, an Indian manufacturer. Taco FI series pumps and multi-purpose valves were also specified for the mechanical room. The air conditioning system is powered by a York chiller.

The LoadMatch single pipe system, employing small but powerful LoadMatch circulators and Twin Tee fittings, reduces the amount of pipe needed by some 40 percent and eliminates control valves and most balancing valves. Self-balancing, LoadMatch assures required flow of system water to all heating and cooling units at all times. Taco estimates that the system can reduce operating and maintenance costs by up to 30 percent of typical life cycle costs.

The ABB HVAC installation was finished six months early, and according to Mutasim Al Ghadir, the customer is "very pleased" with the results. Mutasim says that LoadMatch's benefits in materials reduction plus its demonstrated energy efficiency make it an attractive option for other projects in the fast-developing region.

LoadMatch has been successfully installed in over 200 buildings to date in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Curacao and now in Qatar. A LoadMatch system qualifies for Green Building LEED certification points in its "Optimize Energy Performance" and "Innovation in Design" categories.

 Click here for a
PDF of the case study.