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Taco: Investing in Contractors
and the Market

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You know Taco for manufacturing high-quality products and our devotion to contractor training and support. Now you can get some deeper insights into why we do what we do in a recent Phc News article featuring an extensive interview with Taco President and CEO John Hazen White, Jr., available at

In case you missed it, the article details some of the unique attributes that give Taco its individual character and fuel our drive for consistent, top quality:
  • Treating employees as family
  • Doing what's right by the market
  • Investing in the market
  • Tackling the changing needs of contractors (with FloPro Team training)
  • Advancing "green" building technology

Read the full article here.

Get Better with HSS Design Software Using Video Tutorials
HVAC pros who want to be more proficient using Taco Hydronic System Solution (HSS) software, will find a number of resources available at, including the complete software manual and a series of 27 video tutorials. You can view them online or download to your computer for use anytime you want a refresher.

The videos run from 27 minutes for the full-length tutorial to under two minutes for excerpts that cover a wide range of subjects that include:
  • Getting Started with the basics such as using drag and drop, equipment selection and how to connect components
  • Tips and Tricks such as using text annotation, inserting pre-built parts into your diagram and manual recalculation
  • Advance Topics such as running coordination scenarios and determining actual versus maximum system output.

You can see the entire list of HSS tutorial videos here.

If you haven't downloaded this powerful, free hydronic design tool yet, do it now. With easy-to-use Taco HSS software to design your hydronic systems, you'll:
  • Save time and increase profits
  • Standardize designs using pre-made schematics
  • Eliminate common mistakes
  • Reduce errors.

Try it out and see for yourself how it will help you design your systems faster and more efficiently.

HVAC Pros Askā€¦
Question: I have a gas boiler with Taco controls that is short cycling. The problem seems to relate only to the 2nd floor zone. What can be causing this?

Check the heat anticipator on the thermostat for the zone or zones you think are short cycling. The thermostat should be on an inside wall, with no radiation under it, and away from outside drafts. Also check that there are no bad connections and that 20-gage wire is used, not telephone wire. The current draw should be about 1 AMP. When the boiler cycles, watch the water temperature to see if the boiler aquastat is cycling the boiler. The upstairs zone might be small and not much of a load on the boiler. You might want to lower the boiler water temperature until the outdoor temp drops.

Remember, to get the design tools, product information, application support and industry news you need when you need it, go to anytime. We're there 24/7 for you.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith