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New Pumps, New Hydronic Design Solutions from Taco

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The summer season is in full swing, but we're not slowing down at You'll continue to find new products, new applications and technical support and more industry news the next time you visit. Here's a small sampling, however, you'll find a lot more any time you need it at

Two New 3-Speed Pumps from Taco

We've just introduced two new 3-speed pumps—the 00R 3-Speed Radiant Pump and the 0010 Service Pump—to provide residential contractors with convenient and easy-to-use water circulation solutions.

Each of the pumps incorporates 3-speeds (low, medium and high) that allow you to fine-tune pump speeds to your specific job application. For radiant applications, the 00R 3-Speed Radiant Pump's 3-speed switching capability provides fine-tuning control to match a wide combination of tube diameters and length of runs. With the 0010 3-Speed Service Pump, you can set the speed to match the performance of the pump you are replacing.

Both pumps are made of heavy-duty cast iron and contain Taco's replaceable, self-lubricating, stainless steel cartridge design. Both also feature Taco's removable, high-flow Integral Flow Check (IFC) to maximize flow while preventing gravity flow.

The 0010 Service Pump replaces most commonly-used circulators, regardless of age, style or size. The 00R Radiant Pump is a direct replacement for the Grundfos UPS 15-58 3-Speed Pump.

Get more information on the 00R 3-Speed Pump here.

Get more information on the 0010 Service Pump here.

Case Study
LoadMatch® System Brings Economical Comfort to
Elementary School Retrofit

When the HVAC system in the Will Rogers Elementary School in Hobbs, New Mexico, needed replacement last year, school officials called for a conventional 4-pipe system. But after an extensive review and recommendation by Alegro Engineering of El Paso, Texas, the consulting engineering firm for the project, Taco's LoadMatch® hyrdronic system was chosen to meet the demands of a climate where 100 degree F. summer temperatures are common.

Key to the final selection of the LoadMatch system was its ability to meet design and budget requirements. The contractor was convinced that a LoadMatch system for the school could meet its budget and served as a best first-cost option.

The innovative single-pipe LoadMatch system is self-balancing and eliminates the need for most balancing valves and expensive, energy-consuming control valves, replacing them with small, energy-efficient LoadMatch circulators.

Alegro Engineering also liked Taco's Hydronic System Solutions (HSS) software design program which speeds total system design and reduces errors.

Read the complete case study here, or see all Taco case studies here.

HVAC Pros Askā€¦

Question: How do you set the 24-hour timer?

Turn the dial clockwise until the hour and minute hand are approximately set and the exact time, in 15-minute intervals, is lined up with the pointer at the 2 o'clock position. To set the on/off times in 15-minute intervals, push the tripper levers away from the face for ON operation. Leave the tripper pointing toward the center for OFF operation. For automatic operation, the small, white button at the 4 o'clock position on the inner area of the dial should be in the middle of the slot. All the way UP is ON constant and all the way DOWN is OFF constant.

Remember, there are many more Frequently Asked Questions always available at, along with the complete Taco document library, a family of helpful Wizards designed to help you do your work, tech support and the latest news. Make the most of Visit soon.

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