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One of our goals for is to help you find the support and information you need to work smarter, more efficiently, not harder.

Greater efficiency means finding good solutions to the design, application and installation challenges you face more quickly, with fewer errors. The result: Higher quality and satisfied customers.

One example of higher efficiency in Taco products is the innovative use of PALL ring technology in our 4900 Series Air Separators. Although the technology has been proven in many process applications, Taco was the first to use it in the HVAC industry to make a more efficient product.

Another case in point is our Wiring Guide Wizard. Hand in hand with our line of radiant system products, the Wizard speeds and simplifies what can be the tricky and time-consuming job of wiring Radiant Systems to make your jobs simpler, faster, more flexible and better. See for yourself, below.

New 4900 Series Air Separators Brochure

Our 4900 Series Air Separators save money and lengthen the life of system pumps, piping and components by clearing the system of microbubbles, sand, dirt and rust. This 20-page catalog includes:
  • Details of Taco's unique application of proven PALL ring technology in hydronic air separation
  • Information on low-velocity and high-velocity models in both the 4900-A Series for air removal only, and the 4900-D Series for air and dirt removal from any hydronic heating or chilled water system.
  • Detailed tabulation drawings illustrating the range of units in both standard design and those utilizing optional, removable cover and removable Pall ring basket assembly
  • Application schematics
  • Typical specifications
  • Selection procedure

Click here to download your PDF copy of the new Taco 4900 Series Air Separator Brochure.

Taco Radiant System Wiring Guide Wizard

You may already know that Taco Radiant Systems products can change the way you design, install and control your radiant systems, saving you time, eliminating problems and giving you better results. Now the Taco Wiring Guide Wizard makes Radiant Systems even easier.

Using the Wizard pull-down menu:
  1. Select your Radiant Systems component
  2. Then, select your application.

The Wizard chooses from among more than 65 wiring guides and immediately displays the relevant guides for you to view on screen or download to your computer.

Click to learn more about Taco Radiant System products.

Or to use the Wiring Guide Wizard, click here.

HVAC Pros Askā€¦

Question: I have a 007 Pump that came with two circular gaskets. I was told to install it with the gasket in the groove of the pump, and to use a second, larger gasket which is in the shape of the flange, on top of it. Is this correct?

If you are mating with a flat pipe pump flange, we recommend using just the square, cross-section o-rings in the groove of the pump flange. If you are using our shut-off flanges, use the o-ring and the flat gasket that comes with the flanges.

Click here to see all Taco FAQ's.

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