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Latest News

Cranston, RI, June 8, 2007 - Taco has added a new line of thermostats designed specifically for use with its LoadMatch® single-pipe heating-cooling system. LoadMatch Thermostats provide exceptional control of LoadMatch systems employing either heat pump or fan coil units. They are available in stand-alone and network versions.

Versatile, all-in-one LoadMatch Thermostats come with an easy-to-read interface and large backlit display and are available in BACnet, Echelon-Lontalk and non-communicating versions for use with virtually any system. Preprogrammed and LoadMatch-ready, they require little or no configuration before use.

LoadMatch Thermostat fan coil models are available with relative humidity (RH) sensors to provide local dehumidification with reheat capability.

Easy to install, the thermostats have a hinged design with removable terminal blocks.

Taco's LoadMatch system consists of LoadMatch-configured circulators and Twin Tee fittings. The single pipe system, which eliminates control valves, most balancing valves and the amount of pipe needed, provides superior indoor comfort while providing energy savings over the life of a building. LoadMatch systems can be employed in virtually any type of building, including large homes.

Taco, Inc. is headquartered in Cranston, RI and is a leading developer and manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment and accessories for use in hydronic systems worldwide.