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Latest News

ASHRAE has published a new ventilation standard, 62.1-2007, "Ventilation for Acceptable Air Quality," which sets minimum ventilation rates and other requirements for commercial and institutional buildings. The standard contains key changes impacting ventilation system designs and designers, according to ASHRAE.

"Standard 62.1 has served the building industry and the public as the most prominent standard on ventilation for indoor air quality," said Dennis Stanke, committee chair. "Changes in the 2007 standard build on the improvements published in the 2004 version, providing additional guidance for designers of building ventilation systems."

Changes in the new standard include:
  • Requirements for the separation of areas with environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) from areas without ETS in the same building. The new separation requirements help designers ensure effective separation, Stanke said.
  • Clarification of how designers must analyze mechanical cooling systems to help limit space relative humidity. The old standard required a design analysis at specified load conditions to demonstrate that the standard was being met, explained Stanke. "Those load conditions could be confusing and difficult to establish," he added, but now, "the new requirements include a specific, easy-to-establish load condition."
  • Additions to Table 6-1 of minimum outdoor air requirements for dwelling units in high-rise residential buildings. These requirements apply to residences in buildings over three stories. (Low-rise residential buildings are covered by ASHRAE Standard 62.2)
  • New or previously overlooked occupancy categories. These include, for example, daycare sickrooms, university/college laboratories, break rooms, coffee stations and laundry rooms, for example.

For more information or to order the standard $65 ($52 ASHRAE members), visit the ASHRAE.org Bookstore at www.ashrae.org.