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Taco Issues Expanded Brochure on its
4900 Series Air/Dirt Separators

Latest News > Product News

Fall River, MA, April 3, 2007 - Taco, Inc. has issued an expanded brochure on its full product line of 4900 Series Separators for micro-bubble air and dirt removal.

4900 Series Separators come in standard and high velocity models, in both air and air/dirt versions, and can be equipped with either removable or non-removable covers. All 4900 Series Separators come with integral PALL ring technology - stainless steel rings enclosed within a basket inside the separator vessel that separate air micro bubbles, sand, dirt and rust within a hydronic heating or cooling system.

Micro-bubbles are removed through a process of coalescence; sand, dirt and rust particles are caught and sifted to the bottom of the tank, where they can be removed through a blowdown valve.

Pall ring technology, imported from Europe, has been extensively used in the processing industry for many decades and has been employed here in the Taco 4900 Series as a patented, first of its kind use.

The new 4900 Series brochure includes a full description of Pall ring technology and process within its features and benefits section; a full applications section on air control and air control systems, and a full description of types of air separators offered by Taco.

There are also sections on 4900 Series selection examples and typical specifications; pressure drop charts for all 4900 Series models, and specification tables.

A copy of the 4900 Series Air Separators - Standard and High Velocity brochure can be obtained by calling Taco at 401-942-8000. It can also be downloaded at by clicking on Products - Air Elimination & Control - Air Separators - 4900 Series, or by simply clicking on the photo at right.

4900 Series Micro-Bubble Air/Dirt Separators are manufactured at Taco's fabrication facility in Fall River, MA, and are designed and constructed to ASME standards.

For more information on the 4900 Series Air/Dirt Separators contact: Robert Barbour, Taco, Inc., 401-942-8000, email: