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Latest News

To tour the headquarters of Taco, Inc. is to see a company wearing its priorities on its sleeve.

Taco values loyalty, simplicity and communication, and those priorities are in evidence throughout the converted trolley barn in Cranston, R.I. that houses Taco's operations. Taco enjoys $170 million in annual sales of pumps, valves, controls and other components for hydronic HVAC systems.

For Taco, loyalty starts with a commitment to stay in Cranston and maintain its long-term workforce. Mark Chaffee, senior product manager, says that the company has turned down several offers to relocate to other states, and employees have returned the favor by staying on. Annual turnover in the 500-person workforce is less than half of one percent a year, and when an opening does occur, employees often recommend friends or relatives for the job, according to Chaffee.

Taco likes its employees to be involved in decision-making, and this is evident in the company's major expansion project, which was expected to be complete at the end of last month. Employees worked with engineers and architects to lay out the building's post-expansion floor plan, and when workstations relocate - a regular occurrence during construction - employees move the equipment and materials themselves....MORE.

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