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TACO Issues New Flyer on its D'MAND® Hot Water Recirculation System

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Flyer Emphasizes Benefits of Using D'Mand System
with Tankless Water Heaters

Cranston, RI, December 6, 2006 - Taco, Inc. has issued a new flyer on its D'Mand® System and its use with tankless water heaters.

The flyer - Taco D'Mand Systems & Tankless Water Heaters - emphasizes the energy savings to be had with an on-demand water recirculation system like D'Mand and the fact that tankless water heater manufacturers are requiring use of such a system with their products to preserve full warranty coverage.

Some tankless water heater manufacturers have stated that the warranty coverage period for their products may be reduced if their products are used with a conventional timer controlled recirculation system. Conventional water recirculation systems fitted with temperature sensors and timers are not considered "on demand."

Taco's D'Mand System delivers instant hot water by push button or motion sensing - not by temperature sensor or a timer. With on demand hot water recirculation provided by the D'Mand System, there are no standby or stack losses, and no need for extra storage tanks.

Taco's D'Mand System should be installed between the hot and cold water line at the most distant hot water location; the unit fits easily under a conventional sink. D'Mand comes in three models and can be installed in single and multi-family homes as well as in commercial and institutional buildings.

D'Mand pumping systems are Green Spec Listed and qualify for EPA Energy Star water heating credits.

To obtain a copy of the new flyer, call Taco at 401.942.8000 or visit the company's website at Click on catalogs to find the D'Mand brochure.

Taco, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of products to serve hydronic heat and cooling applications. The company manufactures a wide range of circulators, pumps, valves, tanks, electronic controls and accessories.