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Taco, Inc. NSF-372 Low Lead Certified Products

00 Series – Bronze or Stainless Steel
110-120 Series – Bronze or Stainless Steel
2400 Series – Stainless Steel
1600 Series – Bronze
1900 Series – Bronze

CI/FI Series - Bronze Fitted
KS/KV Series - Bronze Fitted

Potable Water Zone Sentry® Zone Valve
5120 Series Mixing Valves

PRO-FIT Replacements parts for B&G, Armstrong
All Bracket Assemblies
All Seal Kits
All Gaskets
All RPK Series Replacement Pump Kits
All HPK Header Pump Kits

Freedom Flanges
All Stainless Steel

XPB- X-Pump Block

SXPB-Solar X-Pump Block