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An invitation from John Hazen White, Jr.

I really get excited when I see our customers grow! But it's not just me -- everyone at Taco is personally committed to work hard making success easy for you.

That's why we developed a program specifically designed to boost your hydronic business. It's called the Taco FloPro Team. It's open to every contractor who is serious about growth and education.

The game plan is simple. We start with the full package of high-quality Taco products to cover your hydronic needs. Then we put dedicated Taco people into the lineup to deliver industry-leading technical and professional development training. Finally, we provide marketing tools to help convince homeowners to choose a qualified Taco FloPro Team contractor -- you!

I'm convinced that new profit opportunities result when homeowners understand the health, comfort and efficiency benefits that only a hydronic-based system can deliver. We use the name "FloPro" to get the idea across that designing, controlling and maintaining proper water FLO is what being a hydronics PRO is all about.

So join us, because we designed the Taco FloPro Team to help you reach your ultimate growth goals -- because in our game plan, it's all about you.

John Hazen White, Jr.
President and CEO, Taco Inc.