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LoadMatch: The Cost and Energy Saving Alternative

LoadMatch is increasingly the system of choice for commercial and institutional hydronic heating and cooling systems. It simplifies system design and eliminates control valves and most balancing valves in favor of more efficient circulators. And by eliminating those components, systems require lower pump heads and less power to move the water, so you save energy, too. To learn more about the LoadMatch System and all its advantages, click here [LINK to LoadMatch product page: Products—Systems—LoadMatch]

In addition to greater simplicity, better control, lower initial costs and greater energy savings, by utilizing LoadMatch you potentially can earn points in two of LEED’s five environmental categories and in the Innovative & Design Process category of the standard.

Energy & Atmosphere Category

2 points are available for every 10% reduction in energy (from a minimum of 20% reduction to 60% reduction). The LoadMatch system offers energy savings of between 15% and 50%.

Indoor Environmental Quality Category

2 points are available in credit 7.1 to which LoadMatch can be applied.

Innovative & Design Process Category

1 point is available in credit 1.4. As a stand-alone system, LoadMatch system can help earn this point because of its innovative approach to hydronic heating and cooling.

For all the details on the LoadMatch System, click here.