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Join the Taco FloPro Team

Gear Up to Accelerate Your Hydronic Sales
The FloPro Team is Taco's unique, free contractor growth and professional development program specifically designed to help shift your hydronic business into high gear.

As a member of the Taco FloPro Team, you will be part of a growing online community of plumbing and heating professionals who face similar challenges and share similar goals - to be better trained, more knowledgeable, more successful and more profitable business people.

Membership is free, and as a team member, you have access to a broad range of exclusive benefits, available only to team members.

Grow Your Business, Boost Your Profits with Factory Training
Taco FloPro factory training is advanced training designed for experienced hydronics contractors, installers and designers who want to compete more effectively and grow their business with greater knowledge and expertise.

Led by John Barba, one of the most respected names in the industry, FloPro Factory Training is authoritative, intensive, hands on learning that equips contractors to compete at a whole new level, with detailed knowledge of the latest energy saving technologies, installation techniques and profit opportunities. It's available only to FloPro Team members, so sign-up and learn more here.

Learn at Your Own Place & Pace Online Learning
In Taco's new FloPro Online Learning Center, you'll find a rapidly growing number of courses designed that let you learn at your own pace, right at your computer, anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Taco FloPro online learning is convenient, comprehensive, clear and concise. Created for easy learning and organized into "bite-size" segments so you can do some learning in as little as five minutes. Take any lesson you want, view and review the material as many times as you want. When you're done, test yourself to determine what you know. Taco FloPro online learning is available only to FloPro Team members, so sign-up and learn more here.

FloPro Designer Hydronic Design Software
FloPro Designer is the new, easy-to-use software that enables you to design and edit complete hydronic systems in minutes instead of hours. It automatically calculates system heat loss and helps you design any type of residential hydronic system - heating, cooling, baseboard, radiant, fan coil, you name it - with drag-and-drop simplicity, more easily, faster and with fewer errors. It's free and available only to FloPro Team members, so sign-up and learn more here.

Support and Information, Any Way You Want It
As a FloPro Team member you have access to information in just about any form you want - videos, online learning courses, downloadable documents, audio podcasts - whatever works best for you. It's all free and available on line 24/7, but only if you're a FloPro Team member, so sign-up and learn more here.

The FloPro Neighborhood
Here's the place where you can sit down, lean back, take it easy and swap stories with friends and other contractors. Join discussions, post pictures and videos, check out John Barba's latest blog entry, get and give advice, talk about business challenges and explore solutions together. All FloPro Team members are welcome, anytime, all the time. So sign-up and learn more here about all the benefits of joining the Taco FloPro Team.