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Variable Speed Setpoint "00"® Circulator

The versatile Setpoint version of the Variable Speed 00 can be set up to deliver a fixed temperature, maintain a specific temperature drop between sensor locations (DT), used as a bypass/shunt pump, or integrated into a fan coil package to vary the speed of the pump based on supply air temperature.
The 00-VS can be either direct-acting (speed increases on a temperature decrease) or reverse-acting (speed increases on a temperature increase). A typical direct-acting (limiting setpoint) application would be for boiler protection, where the 00-VS is installed on a bypass loop. If the return temperature starts to drop below the set temperature (75- 165F), then the speed of the pump will be increased, bypassing hot water to protect the boiler. The 00-VS can be used in radiant injection mixing systems where you want to set a fixed supply-water temperature. Through the use of the setpoint dial on the PC board, you can select any temperature from 30-210F. If desired, a boiler protection sensor can be installed to protect the boiler from flue gas condensation. In the DT mode, the pump speed is varied to maintain a set temperature drop (5-50F) across a boiler or heat exchanger, ideal for snowmelt applications.

  • Adjustable Setpoint (30 - 210F)
  • Adjustable Temperature Difference (DT) (5 - 50F)
  • Boiler Protection (135F)
  • Boiler Protection as a Limit Control (75 - 165F)
  • LED Status Panel
  • Direct or Reverse Acting
  • Selectable Output Response Speed
  • Linear or Logarithmic Output
  • Pump Exercise (10 Seconds After 3 Days of No Operation)

Video: Variable Speed Pumps