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TA Pumps

Taco’s TA Series Split Case Pumps are a major advance in pump design. By using a new, modular construction technique, Taco can now make available pump performance from 60 GPM to 6,000 GPM from just three basic bearing and shaft modules. This modular construction gives you multiple seal and construction options for application flexibility, simplified maintenance and the design flexibility to accommodate future performance needs.
With more than 300 models to choose from, ranging from 1/40 HP to 400 HP, you can easily choose the optimum pump design for your specific system requirements.

  • Higher Working Pressures—Up to 300 psi
  • Fast, Easy Maintenance—Remove top half of casing and remove pump rotating assembly without disturbing piping.
  • Specifically-Designed, High Efficiency Impeller--Assures minimum NPSH and maximum pump efficiency.
  • Compact Arrangement Increases Seal and Bearing Life
  • Balanced Axial Loads for Maximum Bearing Life
  • Separate Case Wear Rings are Easily Replaceable
  • Heavy Duty Casing for Greater Strength

Typical Applications
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Industrial Applications