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Potable Water Zone Sentry® Zone Valve

The Taco Zone Sentry® Zone Valve enhances the overall performance of any zone valve system. The unique patented technology in the Zone Sentry® utilizes microcircuit based logic to control a gear driven electronic actuator which drives a ball valve based body design. The Taco Potable Water Zone Sentry valve is certified to NSF 61 G and is available in a 2-way sweat configuration with either a normally open or normally closed actuator. Some typical installations would include combination a domestic water and hydronic heating system, culinary installation or water shut off to a potable system.

Features and Advantages
  • Certified NSF 61 G
  • 1.44 watts in the on condition
  • Suitable for condensing environments
  • Universal installation orientation
  • Up to 12 valves on (1) 40VA transformer
  • Multi function LED assists with troubleshooting
  • Easy to wire quick connections
  • Bidirectional flow (you can't install the valve backwards)
  • The actuator mounts on the valve in either direction
  • 125 PSI shut-off pressure
  • Quick release actuator mounting clip
  • Manual override button
  • Positional indicator shows the ball valves actual position