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Plus Two Multi-Purpose Valve (Straight Pattern/Angle Pattern)

Performance Data

Working Pressure:

    ANSI Class 125 Flanged units - 175 psi working pressure
    ANSI Class 250 Flanged units - 300 psi working pressure
    All Grooved units suitable for all working pressures up to 300psi
Connection sizes:
    1 1/2" through 12", flanged or grooved end connections
    (1 1/2", 2", and 2 1/2", threaded connections)

Taco's new "Plus Two" Multi-Purpose Valve is five valves in one, combining all the valve functions that are normally required on the discharge side of a centrifugal pump in a hydronic heating or cooling system in a single body.

The "Plus Two" is a Shut-Off Valve, a Non-Slam Check Valve, a Balancing Valve and a Flow Metering Valve, in one versatile package. In addition, you can easily convert the valve from a straight pattern to a 90-degree, right-angle pattern in the field

The new Taco "Plus Two" Valve offers performance-- low pressure drops that are equal to or better than any valve on the market today--and convenience: You can replace the stem seal packing under full system pressure.

The "Plus Two" Multi-Purpose Valve is made of ductile iron with stainless steel and bronze fitted construction to provide years of trouble-free service. It is available in sizes ranging from 1 1/2" through 12", with flanged or grooved end connections (1 1/2", 2" and 2 1/2" units are threaded connections).

  • Five Valves in One:
    • Shut Off Valve
    • Flow Control Valve (Globe Style)
    • Non-Slam Check Valve
    • Flow Metering Valve
    • Straight Pattern Field Convertible to Right Angle Pattern Valve
  • Low Pressure Drop (Equal to or Better Than Any Comparable Available Model)
  • Horizontal or Vertical InstallationConverts to Right Angle Valve in Field
  • Stem Seal Packing Replaceable Under Pressure
  • Memory Indicator, Pointer and Scale
  • Schrader Valve Metering Connections
  • "O" Ring Sealed Valve Body
  • Replaceable "Soft Seat"