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PC700 Series Add-On Power Controls

Putting added control onto your systems has never been easier. Just use Tacoís PC700 series of Power Controls along with any Taco Expandable Relay Unit (-EXP model). There are no complex wiring diagrams. Simply plug the interface cable directly into the expandable relay and attach the supplied sensors. That's it. By controlling the supply water temperature based on the outdoor temperature, the heat lost from the building is matched by the heat input to the building. You also optimize firing cycles of the boiler to increase comfort and provide energy savings. With the PC700 Power Controlís ease of installation and full diagnostic capabilities, you can simply and easily upgrade any system. In addition, you can use Taco Power Controls in parallel with the PC600 Series PowerPort Cards to further enhance total system operation.

Features Include:
  • Microprocessor-Based Control
  • Simplifies Wiring
  • Use With Any Taco Expandable Relay
  • Easily Plugs Into Interface Slot
  • Speeds Installation
  • Saves Energy
  • Increases Comfort Level
  • Full Diagnostic Capabilities
  • 100% Factory Tested

PC700 video
Learn about the PC700 in this short video.