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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. I am instaling a hydronic system utilizing the Taco 006 pump. The loop configuration makes placing the pump on the supply rather than the return much easier. Can the BT6 004 bronze pump be used at the supply side with 160 water temperature without adversely affecting pump performance or useful life?

Q. Is there a replacement cartridge for the 007-F1 or 007-1?

Q. What was the 1 pump?

Q. I have a solar water heating system with a Taco 008-V2 circulator. Where can I get a replacement for the cartridge and motor?

Q. I have a 006-B4 in a solar hot water system. It's less than 2 years old, and the impeller keeps getting stuck.

Q. I have had recurring failures of the Taco 007 Circulating Pump over the last several years. Any thoughts?

Q. My house has five zones, each with its own circulator. Hot water is passing into zones that are not calling for heat. Do I have some defective circulators?

Q. I want to install a hot water recirculation pump that could be conveniently turned on and off.

Q. I read that the 008DM can be installed at the water heater on new construction projects. How does that work?

Q. Under nominal steady-state pumping conditions, what is the power factor of the 007 circulator?

Q. What procedure should be followed when selecting a cartridge circulator?

Q. Do you have any data on putting two 009 in series or possibly combining the 009 in series with another circulator to boost head and flow rates?

Q. Can I, just a homeowner, install a 007-045rp myself?

Q. My Aquastat does not turn on and off accurately. Do I have a bad unit?

Q. What is the difference between LoadMatch Circulators and "OO--IFC" series circulators?

Q. Is this an interchangeable cartridge. My system has been in for a while now with no problems till now.

Do they usually come apart easily or should I replace the entire pump housing?

Q. Our hydronic heating system includes a Taco cartridge circulator model 009-BFS. Can I use a rheostat to control the flow rate of that pump?

Q. My 00 Series Circulator Motor housing is hot to the touch. Is it OK?

Q. Can the 00 Series circulator operate in reverse if the lead wires are reversed?

Q. If my RMB is set up in the Delta T mode can I control the temperature to a fixed temperature?

Q. How to correctly mount a "00" series circulator

Q. My "00" series circulator is on but I am not getting hot water