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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. How do I pipe the Taco three way (bypass) zone valve?

Q. Can I use a current robbing thermostat with a Taco zone valve?

Q. Is there any power between terminals #2 and #3 of the zone valve operator?

Q. What causes my thermostat to short cycle?

Q. Why does the voltage read across terminals #1 & #2 vary between 24 & 28 volts?

Q. Can I use the 570-2 series in an open system such as domestic water?

Q. Is the Taco zone valve a three wire zone valve and how do I wire it?

Q. Why does my zone valve let flow through it when it is not powered?

Q. I have an old Taco PANELTROL valve in my radiant heating system. Does Taco still make this product and are there any replacement parts for it?

Q. What should the fill valve pressure setting be in my heating system and how do I calculate it?

Q. Why does my Flo-Chek leak by?

Q. What is the purpose of the Flo-Chek?

Q. Why is my Flo-Chek or MPV noisy?

Q. What is the formula for calculating the delta pressure for a given flow for each Accu-Flo?

Q. Why does my hot water circulate when my Taco pump is off?

Q. My home oil burner serves two zones that are served by 673-2 and 672-2 zone valves. The 672-2 only works by opening manually. It worked fine for years. How do I check and possibly repair the valve without replacement?

Q. I have a 3-zone residential system with a 219 Flo-Chek on each zone. The manual override thumb screws are all open ~2 turns. Should these be fully closed?

Q. May I have some information on balancing valve flow corrections for glycol solutions?

Q. My boiler currently has no zones and I want to set up 3 zones. I need instructions on how to change the plumbing and add the necessary controls.

Q. The installation in question has zoned hydronic heat, controlled with 3 Taco 571 zone valves and 3 Taco 568 thermostats. I need to replace one of the thermostats, but Taco no longer makes the 568. Are the newer thermostats with no heat anticipators compatible with Taco zone valves? The instructions with the 571 valve say that the thermostat heat anticipator must be set to 0.9A to match the valve rating. Will the valve function correctly without a heat anticipator in the zone?

Q. I am having trouble keeping my zones at a temp of 72F when the valve is in auto. Any suggestions?

Q. How to tell if your 500 series zone valve is good

Q. Wiring a WAGS to an Oil Burner

Q. Wiring a WAGS to a Intermittent Gas Control

Q. Can the WAGS valve be used on water heaters that are not gas-fired?

Q. What happens if the valve gets splashed by the T&P valve or when I'm mopping the floor?

Q. What about high humidity environments? Will the element dissolve?

Q. Can I reuse the valve?

Q. Do I need a pan?

Q. Why do you supply a dam and condensate drain tube with the valve?

Q. How do I know that the valve has been activated?

Q. If the WAGS valve works and shuts off my water supply to the tank will all the water in the tank still leak out?

Q. Does the WAGS valve need electricity to work?

Q. Does the valve require any regular scheduled service?

Q. Does the valve make a good Christmas gift?

Q. My water heater is 7 years old. Do I need to buy a new water heater or can I put this onto my existing water heater?

Q. What else do I need to complete the installation other than the valve?