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Grooved End Multi Purpose Valve

The Taco Grooved End Multi-Purpose Valve is designed to give you one more feature in every area of the valveís construction and provide more reliable flow control. In addition to being a check, plug and balance valve, you can also use the Multi-Purpose Valve for metering the flow. Two Shrader valve metering connections are included as standard with each valve. Internally, the valve includes a bronze gland and stainless steel stem sleeve to give you a lifetime seal and assure ease of operation after it has been in the line for a period of time. It wonít freeze up and render itself useless for future adjustments as cast iron pump discharge valves tend to do.

Easy servicing is built in, too, if itís ever needed. You donít ever have to concern yourself with stem packing adjustments. A dual O-ring seal provides leak-proof reliability. The gland is removable to replace O-rings, if necessary, and an O-ring seal is also provided on the seat and can be replaced without removing the valve from the line. In addition, you can easily remove  the spherical brass clapper from the valve.

  • Installs Horizontally or Vertically
  • Dual O-Ring Seal
  • Bronze Fitted Construction
  • Bubble Tight Shut-Off
  • Plug Type Flow Control
  • Memory Stops
  • Pointer and Scale
  • Back Seated Stem
  • Easily Removable Spherical Brass Clapper
  • No Lubrication Needed
  • Shrader Valve Metering Connections Standard
  • Non-Slam Check Valve
  • Elastomer Seat