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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Should I connect a drain to the bottom of my Captive Air Expansion Tank?

Q. How do I check the air charge pressure in a Captive Air Expansion Tank?

Q. What is the correct air charge pressure for my Captive Air Expansion Tank?

Q. Why do I need an expansion tank in my chilled water system?

Q. We have an expansion tank, Serial No. E03920, Cat. No. CA1400-1. A sticker on the bottom nozzle states: Do not pipe to drain. Personal injury and/or damage to the internal bladder may result from the removal of this plug. The CA cutsheets show it as a drain, but the CX cutsheets show that this bottom connection should not be opened. Is the tank nozzle mismarked?

Q. What is the purpose of the screen in the system connection on top of the expansion tank?

Q. We have a Taco Bladder Expansion Tank on our chilled water system that lost its nitrogen charge. To what pressure does the tank need to be recharged? Our tank is Serial No. M5212, Category No. C1600-1.

Q. I have a closed hot water system designed for 45psig operating pressure. The expansion tank provided is rated for xx gallons, a minimum pressure of 25psig and a maximum pressure of 45psig. The tank literature indicates that the tank comes factory pre-charged at 12psi. Since my system is to operate at 45psig, does the tank charge have to be increased to the 45psi at which the system will be operated?

Q. How do I determine the pressure needed for the air side of the tank?

Q. What is the energy savings on a PC700